Live Education

Dealer Education is a primary function of staying current on issues and when it is time to renew your license. IADA has the best and most comprehensive classes in the entire state. You would want to be missing something when it comes to compliance or Customer Privacy issues.

Live Classes

Dealer License Renewal Class
(3 Hour Education Requirement)

This class is provided by IDS and is the most comprehensive in the state. It covers not only the local issues that have gone on during the legislative session but it also covers the National issues and some of the newest compliance and privacy issues that no one else talks about.

Don't just get the basics! Get EVERYTHING!

These classes are offered between April and June of each year.

New Dealer License Education Class
(8 Hour Education Requirement)

Are you a new dealer or just not sure what else needs to be done to start your dealership? This class covers all the basic of how to run your dealership properly. From rules and laws about signage to forms and how to use them.

Classes are taught on the Second Monday of every month.

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Other Classes available form IDS

Independent Dealer Solutions has several other classes available for dealer education. See full details at