The Used Car Dealer of Utah is represented in two facets for legislation. Representation comes at Utah's Capitol Hill from Association Solutions, our association management company and at Washington D.C. from the National Independent Auto Dealers Association.

During the legislative session members are provided with weekly updates of legislative bills related to the used car industry. These updates are only for members.  

Legislative Email Updates Archive (Coming Soon)


Who is My Representative? (Click to Find Now)

Remember that you may have two representatives. One representative for where you live and one where your business is located.  Both are important to know. Find out who your representative is and contact him or her so that person knows you care about the community and Utah. 

Key Contacts Program

If you have a friendly relationship with a current legislator, Representative or Senator, let us know. The best advocate we have at Utah's Capitol is a friendly face.  Your testimony as a member and as a friend can be extremely important. Tell us who you know.

Advocacy Updates