Welcome to the Used Car Dealers of Utah!

The mission of the Used Car Dealers of Utah is to raise the level of professionalism and customer satisfaction throughout the Used Car Industry in the state, promote the used car industry throughout the state, and insure the interests of the used car dealer in Utah are represented on the Capitol Hill. We hope that you will join the association today and become part of the only organization at Capitol Hill that represents the used car dealers in the state of Utah. Join the association today and let your voice be heard.  

Current News

How to Say Thank You

We probably don't write thank you messages because they are not required. With all the reports, requests, responses, announcements, proposals, and other messages we must write, who has time to write thank you messages? But expressing our appreciation is essential. If we want to develop rewarding lon...

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GrowBiz Partners Announced Partnership with UCDA (Used Car Dealers of Utah) to offer Customer Retention Marketing Services to used car dealers in Utah

Utah, April 3, 2017: GrowBiz Partners today announced that it will partner with the Used Car Dealers of Utah (UCDU) to offer Customer Retention Marketing Services to used car dealers in Utah. "We are excited about this opportunity," said Curtis Kindred, President of GrowBiz Partners, Inc. "We reco...

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DMV Electronic Fee Changes

Effective April 1, 2017 the electronic fee, that is collected as part of the registration fee, will be reduced to $2.25 from $3.00. This will change the registration fees to be as follows- Motorcycles- $47.75* Motorcycle 6 month reg- $36.50 Passenger- $48.75* Passenger 6 month reg- $37.50 T...

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