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The mission of the Used Car Dealers of Utah is to raise the level of professionalism and customer satisfaction throughout the Used Car Industry in the state, promote the used car industry throughout the state, and insure the interests of the used car dealer in Utah are represented on the Capitol Hill. We hope that you will join the association today and become part of the only organization at Capitol Hill that represents the used car dealers in the state of Utah. Join the association today and let your voice be heard.  

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Although this article comes to us from Canada and the Used Car Dealer Association of Ontario, the principles apply to us in the states. A drunk underage teenager, without a driver’s licence, steals a car from a small town dealer’s lot late at night and smashes it up. His friend...

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UCDU Board of Directors Nominations

The Used Car Dealers Association, every two years elects new Board Members to serve the association. Elections for the 2017 Board will be coming up near the end of the year. We are looking for individuals with interest in serving their fellow dealers on the association board. The Board responsibili...

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Etiquette for Success - Dining Etiquette

I am often asked what are the top three etiquette mistakes I see in the business arena. Without a doubt, it is the lost art of table manners. Let me be blunt here. How you act and eat leaves a lasting impression. Whether you are on a job interview during lunch, or trying to make a good impression, b...

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